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Men's Outerwear

Men's Outerwear

Jackets & Coats: Workwear Staples

If you work outside in most climates, you can’t have too many coats and jackets. You never want to get caught without proper protection from the elements.

You need at least one lightweight coat in your van or truck in case there’s a change in the weather. You need another work jacket or two in your closet at home. Depending on the climate where you live, work and play, a couple of jackets or coats are needed to address specific weather conditions.

For example, if you work outside in the rain, it’s good to have a waterproof jacket made of breathable fabric. It will keep you dry on the outside without feeling clammy on the inside. And having a hood is a must because it provides built-in protection for your head and neck.

Depending on how cold it gets in your area, you’ll likely need an insulated jacket or two to provide an extra layer of warmth as temperatures drop. You’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to the lining. It can be quilted, sherpa, fleece, flannel, even something called “blanket lining.” Some coats and jackets have a removable lining for 2-in-1 versatility that saves you money and closet space.

When all else fails, knowing the ins and outs to workwear winter layering, can be the difference between comfort or not.

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Insulated Eisenhower Jacket
from $39.99
• Our most popular jacket, lightweight but warm! • Water resistant • Resists wrinkles • Adjustable waist tabs • Pencil pocket on sleeve • Slash front welt pockets • Brass zipper front closure • Two-piece sleeve • 8 oz. Vat Dyed Twill, 65% Polyest..
from $39.99